Suck It, Pumpkin Spice! Six Great Things For Those Who Hate Fall

Fall! It’s the worst. My skin feels like newspaper, I can’t find my house keys in the early-evening darkness, and pumpkin-flavored things make me want to die. Really.

If you, too, would rather be schvitzing at the beach than shivering in layers of tweed, here are a couple treats to make it through this gnarly season.


Lush Oatifix Soothing Banana Mask, $6.95

Blustery early-October breezes are the stuff of romance for many fall-oholics, but they also turn my face into a peely, cracky, and painful mess. My daily coat of Cetaphil can’t touch this banana bread-smellin’ goop’s hyper-moisturizing powers. Give your face a gentle wash when you get home, then throw a coat of Oatifix on for a few minutes. It’s magic. Trust.



Yokoo Charcoal Pembroke Cowl, $85.00

THIS SCARF, Y’ALL. Yes, it’s $85 (and I just know you super-crafty babes could whip up a similar one!), but guys, have you seen the DEPTH of this baby? Perfect for hiding from the world when you’re in the throes of seasonal-affective disorder.



Danskin Supplex Capri Leggings, $33.00


The long cardigan/leggings/riding boots combo is my go-to OMFG I HATE COLD WEATHER outfit. It’s tough to drop over $30 on leggings when they can be had for less than $10 at Target, but one pair of these babies got me through a whole New York winter in style. They’ve kept their shape and haven’t pilled or ripped. And apparently they’re Vera Wang’s favorite. So.



Teal Velvet Opera Coat, $129.00

I die a thousand deaths for a good opera coat. They’re light, they’re usually three-quarter sleeve (all the better to showcase funky bracelets underneath) and they add some serious ‘60s realness to a pair of ankle-length pants or a basic black shift. I’m usually partial to brocade, but this vintage velvet one has me drooling. You can even take it into (shudder) colder weather with some elbow-length gloves!



Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Kook-a-Mango, $5.99


Holy CRAP, do I love me a good out-of-season nail polish. While y’all are sweating the latest greiges and marooples (maroon plus purple…is that a thing?), I’ll be flipping off Mother Nature with the brightest coral middle finger imaginable.



Treat Yo Self Coffee Cozy, $20.00

Slip this sassy lil’ cozy on your own cup of plain old coffee and BLAM! We can be trendy, too, Pumpkin Spice Latte lovers!



Fear not, warriors. In a matter of weeks—well, a lot of weeks, but still—this horrible season will seem like a dream and we can all go back to blasting Dum Dum Girls with the top down on our way to the beach. Good luck out there.


Images via lush.com, yokoo.etsy.com, janejordan.hubpages.com, winstonvintage.etsy.com, target.com, tessacotton.etsy.com

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