Suburban Glamour

 I couldn't find anything BUST-y on the racks for the past couple of weeks, and I know you gals were missing me, so I picked up this short graphic novel that came highly recommended by a couple of friends.

Suburban Glamour is an indie-rock fairy tale, not an entirely original story but a fun one. Jamie McKelvie's art is what really distinguishes this book from other changeling stories--it's bright-candy-colored and good enough to eat, with a foxy rock'n'roll heroine and plenty of flash.

McKelvie gets bonus points for writing a girl who doesn't need a boy and for not falling into the easy trap of having a comic about a girl end with a kiss. Instead, his sassy heroine is on her own in the last panel, and happy about it.

If this sounds like something up your alley, I also recommend Mike Carey's God Save the Queen, a similar but darker story with breathtaking art by John Bolton. And if this sounds too frou-frou for you, check out Sentences, the graphic-novel autobiography of M.F. Grimm, underground hip-hop superstar, with fabulous art by Ronald Wimberly.

(Anyone interested in a rundown of decidedly ungirly comics that I love?)

-Sarah J  

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