Still Night, Still Light

Dreamy, wistful electronica fills Still Night, Still Light, the newest self-released album from Au Revoir Simone.

Still Night, Still Light marks the third full-length from Brooklyn’s Au Revoir Simone and comes self-released on the trio’s aptly named label, Our Secret Record Company. Stylistically similar to previous releases, Still Night, Still Light continues to illustrate the all-keyboard, all-girl group’s juxtaposition of ethereal mystique and pop savvy. Their lullaby-tinged sound paired with the sweet vocals of frontwoman Heather D’Angelo make the album’s vibe neither upbeat nor melancholy, yet somehow both at once. Standout tracks include the cheerful synth-pop of “Shadows,” with its repetitive drumbeat and irresistible hook, and “Knight of Wands,” in which the ladies create a bittersweet stream of melody. Despite the synthetic nature of the music, Au Revoir Simone manages to create a genuine warmth that lets you lose yourself in the album’s lonely, dreamy soundscape.

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