Sticks and Stones may Break her Bones, but Mean Kids Give Vacations

If you've ever been a kid, or still are, you know that those who have not come of age yet can be real assholes. I'm sure you can think of a time when you saw someone bullied, were bullied, or worse, were the bully when you were younger. But can you think of a time when you saw an adult bullied by a kid? If you watch the below video, you unfortunately will always remember such an instance.

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This video of 68-year-old New York bus monitor Karen Klein being verbally torn apart by the kids she watches every day on their bus is truly heartbreaking. They and their parents should be, and probably are, given the video's view count, ashamed of themselves. They mock her weight and appearance as she visibly tears up. I could only get through a few seconds of it.

But some people are determined to make sure that she is tearing up all the way to the bank. There's a campaign to raise $5,000 to add to her $15,000 salary so she can take a much needed and much deserved vacation. So far, the project raised a whopping $191,000. With that, Karen could quit her job for twelve years and still have the same amount of money.

But she won't. When asked if she would return to her job next year, she said yes, because "all kids aren't bad." A wonderful sentiment to hear from someone in her position. 

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