STEMming Away From Stereotypes

Just a few days ago, the BUST blog reported on the huge fail of a campaign that the European Commission launched in a somewhat laughable attempt to “overturn clichés” related to women and science.  Now a recent series on the Txchnologist blog reminds us that, though there definitely aren’t enough women in science at the moment, women have done amazing things to help move our world forward for centuries. And Txchnologist somehow manages to convey the message all in a totally inoffensive (and lipstick-free) manner! Take note European Commission.


Check out this awesome slideshow of  “Great Innovators Who Just Happen to be Women” and the blog’s take on whether the gender gap in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) careers can be bridged. How do you feel about the dearth of women in the hard sciences, BUSTies?

Image Source Txchnologist.com

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