Stellar Seller, Pretty Panties

It's easy to be seduced by nostalgia and lace, but in order to really fall in love I still need a bit of freshness added to the mix. By combining a bold and frequently strange color palette with exaggerated, romantic trimmings, ETSY seller Vintageopulence delivers in a major way.

 Vintageopulence describes herself as a 'little British lady, now living happily and warm in the Southern United States.' Her etsy items are a combination of hand dyed and refinished vintage lingerie as well as wholly original pieces. Most of the assorted skivvies range in price from $120 to $150, although occasional items fall way above or below that mark.

Vintageopulence has 94 positive reviews and has yet to receive a single neutral or negative review. I don’t know if your in the market for a frilly teal and fuchsia bustier, but if you find yourself yearning for extravagant lingerie, give an indie designer a chance.


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