Stamford Marriott blames rape victim

Marriott LogoA woman who was abducted (with her young children) and raped from the parking garage of the Stamford Marriott in Connecticut is suing the hotel for not securing their facilities. In response, the hotel is now claiming (and blaming) the woman of being careless and negligent and that she 'failed to exercise due care for her own safety and the safety of her children and proper use of her senses and facilities. EXCUSE ME?! (ConnPost.com )

First people argue that women no longer have to worry about being overly cautious because the world has changed. I had a discussion with a woman last week who argued that the world is a much safer place and women (and children, and men) don't have to be afraid at night, on the street or in securely guarded hotel garages. Now, a woman is being blamed for not being CAUTIOUS ENOUGH. For f%!k's sake, what are we supposed to do?

The Stamford Marriott is behaving appallingly, subpoenaing the woman friends and neighbors to prove she is negligent person.  I honestly don't know how to respond, and reading about this has made me ill.  I plan to write a letter to the Marriott and call them on this, and if you are as affected by this as I am, I suggest you'll do the same. -dahlia

Contact the Stamford Marriott directly: 203-357-9555
Corporate Headquarters: 301.380.3000

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