SRSLY, THO: Cat Gave Woman The Plague!


OMG! Just as I had predicted, cats are trying to take over the world. As BUST Intern Lilly wrote a couple of weeks ago, a creepy cat parasite has been affecting many. Now, a woman contracted the bubonic plague after trying to save a choking stray cat, but thanks to early treatment and detection, she avoided death by a whisker.

Paul Gaylord, a friend of the woman (who wished to remain unidentified), was not so lucky — the cat also bit him. Although his symptoms showed before hers, doctors were unsure of the cause until it was too late. While he did survive, he lost his fingers and toes to the plague. Luckily, when the woman started experiencing plague symptoms, she had a heads up of what was wrong.

“We got to her just in time,” said Karen Yeargain of the Crook County Health Department.  “If this hadn’t happened, we would have had another critically ill person on our hands.”

While I’m glad everyone survived, I’d just like to point out that I didn’t even know the plague existed past the Middle Ages, let alone affected about seven people each year in the United States.  People, stay away from fleas.

Read the full article here. Warning: pics may not be for the faint of stomach.


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