Space is the Place to enjoy Moby

planetarium.gifLast night a bunch of us went to an official Listening Party for Moby's album 'Wait for Me' (which comes out June 30!). Aside from the music being serene and awesome, on top of an open bar, it was also at the Hayden Planetarium in the National History Museum in New York. The album played to a packed planetarium while we gazed up at the night sky and watched planet Earth expand and disappear as we basically traveled through the solar system. All of the images were compiled by the Museum's in-house astrophysicist, care of the World Data. It was psychedelic, relaxing, and entrancing! The album worked beautifully with the visuals, and was a rare treat compared to most listening parties.This album has wonderful ambient beats, and the shifts in slow to fast tempo were never irritating but instead consistently seamless. Moby's album 'Wait for Me' really reminded me of when I first got into Moby in the 90s. He was my first foray into electronic music back then, and I felt like I lost interest in both the genre and Moby after the last few albums. But this is great news because not only is the album great, but I am feeling the tingle of excitement for electronic music once again. Even better, Moby was there himself and was as humble as ever thanking everyone for coming. Oh and, you can't really beat having your video being directed by David Lynch!

The cover for the new album below, (that he drew himself) shows that space really is the only place to enjoy Moby! (Hayden Planetarium image via wikipedia)

MOBY cover.jpg

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