South Korea's Supreme Court Sees Victim at Fault for Domestic Abuse

choiIn 2004, it was publicized in the South Korean media that popular actress Choi Jin-Sil was being physically abused by her husband Cho Sung-Min. Consequently the Shinhan construction company sued her for not fulfilling her duties as a spokesperson. According to Shinhan, Choi Jin-Sil being beaten by her husband meant that she violated her contract by getting bad publicity. Back then the lower courts did the logical and humane thing by ruling in favor of Choi Jin-Sil.

However, last year, some time before Choi Jin-Sil's suicide on October 2, 2008, the Shinhan construction company appealed the ruling. The Supreme Court in South Korea ended up ruling in favor of the Shinhan construction company and granted them 1.1 billion of Choi Jin-Sil's money, money that was supposed to go to Choi Jin-Sil's two children. It is almost incomprehensible that a woman could be punished for being a victim of abuse but now that she has passed, her children have to suffer as well. -Sylvie

Photo courtesy of Seoul Beats.

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