Sons of Matriarchy: Boy Rapper Speaks Out Against Objectifying Women


In an age when teenagers are running amuck, emancipating themselves from their parents left and right, one cool young dude remains loyal to his homestead and isn't afraid to admit he's a mama's boy. Fourteen-year old rapper Brian Bradley, better known as the Astronomical Kid, sends a clear message to ogling men everywhere: "Stop Looking at My Moms" . The insanely catchy single is just as danceable as it is adorable, but don't let Kid's age fool you, he knows how to treat a lady and staring her down on the street isn't part of it.

Bradley isn't just protective of his mom; the rapper demands respect for all women. The young, women's advocate tells the Daily News, "Women, they are not pieces of meat. They are human beings. They should be respected." Thanks Kid, you restore my faith in the next generation and the hopes that all boys won't turn out to be little Don Drapers.


Watch the video for the song below and stop looking at his mom! Please?

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