Song of the Day: 'So Destroyed' by Prince Rama (as Rage Peace)

With a history of live shows that verge on performance art and ceremony, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the upcoming album from Hare Krishna commune-raised sisters of Prince Rama is more than just your regular release. Aware that it’s 2012 and the end is near, the Brooklyn-based duo has appropriately created a faux-cover album of ten fabricated popular bands that died during the apocalypse. Top Ten Hits of the End of the World promises to be a unique experience, as it will explore a variety of different genres for each imagined band.

The latest track “So Destroyed” is a cosmic, danceable single of the fake-late ‘90s protest band “Rage Peace,” who believed in nihilism and pop songs with violent messages. Prince Rama’s cover of the group’s chart-topping hit is an awesome hybrid of psych, grunge and synth-pop, full of energetic movement, infectious chanting, and tribal drumming. Stream/download it, below, and look out for the album on Paw Tracks, November 6th.

Prince Rama (as Rage Peace) – “So Destroyed”

Image by Samantha Casolari 

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