Some of the girls from Miss Rap Supreme you didn't get to hear!
Here are some boss bitches that should have totally made it onto the show. They are way more fire then wack ass Lionezz. The 25 rappers in the final round were split into smaller groups. Fabrisha was in a group with Lionezz and she told me that when Lionezz stepped up to the mic she literally started with "I slam the door boom" which made Breezy (Fabrisha Dankins) laughed out loud. Watch the video below! You can catch Mami Montana and Mystique in the current issue of BUST. I was able to drop some love for Madam Madon and Mac Tyi in the issue too who you probs didn't even get to see. You know if I had room I would have shed love on Wenzday Atemz and Ma'dawm and a bunch of the other girls that I thought killed it.
 Here are some other girls to check out who were on rap lock down with me who you got a little glimps of before they got the boot:
CKC: on the way home, we almost got kicked off the plane for laughing to much! Me and Breezy were seated together on the way back but we wanted CKC by our side since we were all on the same flight. The guy next to me would not switch with her becasue she wasn't on the aisle. So I busted out the slide flute and gave him some of the Brewster essence and he switched. We were having so much fun on the plane that they refused to give us another round of cocktails because they had so many complaints about us. 
Lady Merk: I got caught hiding in her closet when we were trying to get some cocktails after we got the boot. By the way the rap they showed was not a true representation of her skillz, Search's stupid ass asked her to rap in German after she spit her 16.
Hedonis de Amazon: I am still not sure why they didn't take her, what girls can't be scary? She spits fire.  

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