Sleep Under a Box So Someone Else Doesn't Have To
snurk.jpgOK, this is pretty great.

A Dutch bedding designer, Snurk, partnered with charity to make a line of bedding that looks like cardboard boxes. Orders outside the Netherlands are handled by Dutch by Design, who will donate 30% of the profits to Centrepoint, a UK charity for homeless young people aged 16-25. They ship all over Europe and to the US, and you can contact them if you live in a country they don't list. You do have to buy the pillowcases separately, but it still isn't too incredibly expensive. Besides, it's for a good cause.

If you order from inside the Netherlands, a large proportion of the proceeds from the Le Clochard duvet cover go to SZN, the foundation for Dutch homeless youngsters. The income is used to fund housing projects that prioritize supporting young people in finding work or continuing their education. -Liza

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