Sleater Kinney Gets Hilarious Advice From SNL's Vanessa Bayer


Vanessa Bayer is at it again: In her show, Sound Advice, Bayer plays media adviser Janessa Slater, who confidently offers misinformed guidance to famous bands. In the most recent episode, Bayer "advises" our lady-loves Sleater Kinney. Check out the below video to see the SNL funny girl defend ex-wife flashers, poorly define the riot grrrl movement, and compare her guests to an all-girl Mystery Team.

We promise that if you woke up feeling the mid-week hump (it happens to the best of us), then nothing will cure you faster than watching Sleater Kinney explain that Susan B. Anthony was not, in fact, a founding member of the band. 


Image c/o Brigitte Sire 

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