Silencing The Song: An Afghan Fallen Star Debuts January 26th on HBO2


In 2010, HBO premiered Afghan Star, a documentary about Afghanistan's version of "American Idol." The movie featured the story of Setara, a young woman whose head scarf slipped off while performing on the show. As you can imagine,  the quick reveal of her hair  sparked a controversy in the country.  On January 26th, HBO2 will debut their new documentary Silencing The Song: An Afghan Fallen Star, which follows Setara as "she deals with ever-present threats to her safety and starts a new life as a wife and mother-to-be, while continuing to nurture dreams of becoming a pop-music idol," HBO explains in their press release. If you missed the original Afghan Star, HBO2 will show it at 6:30 right before the new documentary airs.

For more information, visit http://www.hbo.com/documentaries/silencing-the-song-an-afghan-fallen-star/index.html

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