Sign This Petition To Keep “All My Babies’ Mamas” Off the Air!

You might have heard about Oxygen’s newly proposed reality show, “All My Babies’ Mamas,” which spotlights rapper Shawty Lo’s eleven children and their ten different mothers.  If that premise wasn’t appalling enough, the entire show is styled after cheesy dating game show parodies such as Flavor of Love and Rock of Love. Each woman is given a ridiculous nickname, meant to seem playful or funny I guess, that includes the phrase “Baby Mama,” such as the Shady Baby Mama, the Jealous Baby Mama, the Fighter Baby Mama, etc. The women vie for attention and support from Carlos, but are forced to go through E’Creia, “The First Lady,” because she has some sort of hand in his financial situation. For extra drama, Carlos “Shawty Lo” Walker is currently dating a 19-year-old. Lovely. 

BONUS: They continue to exploit the entire issue with comical graphics throughout the show, like a cartoon sperm attached to Carlos’ head or an image of his young girlfriend blowing away in the wind due to her low weight.

I can’t really understand how a concept that abuses stereotypes about African American families has made it this far in the production process, but thanks to Sabrina Lamb and Change.org we can work to stop this show from making it to our boob tubes at home. They’ve created a petition that you should sign over at Change.org. The petition is still in need of over 3,000 supporters, so what are you waiting for? Your support means that “With your voice...this ugliness will not see international airwaves.”

Read Sabrina Lamb's open letter to Oxygen CEO Jason Klarman right here.

For your daily dose of digust, watch the preview of the “All My Babies’ Mamas” pilot below.

Photos via Change.org.

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