Shut Up, We Can't Let You Go

Indie dance-pop band The Ting Tings are releasing a new album, Kunst, and the release date remains a mystery as of yet.

Rcrdlbl.com has a free download of a remix by Low Sunday to their new single "Hands". You can check out the original song over at their site or at their Facebook page

The hook of the song is this catchy repeated phrase of "Clap your hands if you're workin' too hard..." and I gotta say, it kind of makes me giggle a little, being that A. it's a dance-y party song, so of course people are going to clap, B. it's a dance-y party song, so how many people are really working at that moment, C. I'm currently miserably unemployed, and D. I'm not the only one. Yes, I'm being picky, but I kid, I kid.


[image: tomcoleman.tumblr.com]

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