Shout Out Louds Release Cool Record—Literally

The Shout Out Louds, an indie band hailing from Stockholm, are releasing, “Blue Ice,” a track from their upcoming album, Optica, IN ICE. The 7” record is created in a mold, and can be played with any old record player. How is this possible outside of a Swedish ice hotel you ask? You can watch an explanatory video below. 

 The video has a slightly condescending, “this is what a record made of ice sounds like though you probably won’t get to hear it in person,” tone, but is cool nonetheless. Merge released only ten molds of the limited edition DIY records. You can listen to a room-temperature, solid version of the song in the video below.

 Adam Olenius’s timid vocals and bouncy guitar are present as always, but the track has a bit more of an 80s, easy-listening feel to it. Optica will be the band’s first album since the release of Work in 2010. I saw them at Webster Hall a couple years ago and, even through my mononucleosis-induced haze, I managed to dance like crazy. The band will be coming to the Music Hall of Williamsburg in March.  Tickets go on sale December 7th. Get ‘em while they’re hot…or ice cold!


Videos via youtube.com and image via mergerecords.com



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