Sex Worker Awareness PSA

The video above is a PSA created by Audacia Ray and the participants of the first Speak Up media training workshop for current and former sex workers as part of New York's Sex Work Awareness, a media and public education advocacy organization.

This is what Audacia has to say about Speak Up.

'Though talking to the the media is definitely not for everyone and should be approached with caution by people who work in the sex industry, I think it's important to prepare people for battle. The Speak Up media training workshop is part self defense, part public relations seminar, and part toolbox for the new media revolution.'

I think this is an awesome idea; as we've seen in coverage of cases like the Craigslist murders and Spitzer-gate, the verbiage even the most well-meaning journalists use can be skewed. And let's face it; not all of the journos covering these news items are well meaning. Here's a blog entry Audacia posted about her experience with a news producer who was vetting her for the show 'Live with Dan Abrams.' It's called 'Have You Been a Whore?'

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