Seth MacFarlane's Sexist Punchlines Incite Eye-Rolling Epidemic Among Viewers

OK. We get it. Seth MacFarlane is super audacious and doesn't give a crap who's offended by his comedy. A lot of the time, we love him for it. But seriously, what was with all the sexist nonsense at last night's Academy Awards? It seemed like every other punchline out of his mouth was engineered to be as smugly degrading toward women as possible. And it wasn't just sexism—for good measure, he sprinkled in some racism and homophobia, as well. 

Before the telecast had even drawn to a close, The Cut started transcribing some of the least-funny sexist punchlines, and folks watching at home were quick to tweet out their anger and annoyance with the wayward host. Many MacFarlane fans were quick with to fire back with cries of "That's just his sense of humor, guys! Haven't you ever seen Family Guy? Calm the eff down." Fine. That's just his sense of humor. And this instance, his sense of humor came across as hella sexist. Check out the song "We Saw Your Boobs," below, and tell us what you think. I believe we can all at least agree that this is just more evidence to the fact that Amy Poehler and Tina Fey should host everything forevermore. 


Photo via The Cut

Video via Youtube

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