Sending your baby's daddy a very public message on the door of a convenience store on the Jersey Shore

A Holiday Message to a loved one on the Jersey Shore.

Believe this...
This is an actual un-touched photo I shot while sitting in my car at the Welsh Farms convenience store in Neptune, NJ, enroute to my grandparents for Christmas Day. 
I'm not even sure how the universe aligned so perfectly to capture this. I hope you have a good laugh at this true story captured on celluloid. Cheers!

What you are seeing, view-by-view:
-On the front door of said Welsh Farms a handwritten message exclaiming, "YOU ARE THE FATHER!"

-A 1960's-ish baby photo (father) juxtaposed with a present day baby (the father's alleged baby)
All of this being assumed to serve as a visual representation demonstrating their similarity in looks? Side note: Present day baby's head looks like it is on backwards.

-X Mas store hours (important message for customers other than "the father")

-A functional door instruction & advertisement for an iconic American brand, Coca-Cola.

-Top this soon-to-be-holiday-classic-greeting-card image off with, AN ACTUAL SANTA COMING OUT OF THE DOOR! at shutter time. 

photo courtesy: BrookeConnollyComedyArts

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