Send A Love Letter To The Internet

Pre-Internet, if you wanted to send a love letter to someone, you’d write it down on paper. Maybe you would add a few x's and o's, stickers, a mixtape (in my romantic imagination), a lipstick kiss for good measure, and send it through snail mail. But today, if you want to send a love letter, would you post it on the Internet? Or even address it to the Internet?

Now, there’s an entire site called “Dear Internet…” dedicated to writing love letters online. Everyone from tweens to adults send in stories, poetry, doodles, and what ever else personally connects you to the Internet. You can submit something about how the Internet has affected your life, how much you appreciate it and how you can’t live without it. Just be sure to give your name, age and location along with how long your love affair has been going on.  Some of my favorite recent entries include Rihanna’s song, “We Found Love in a Hopeless Place,” re-written as “We Found Love in a Cyberspace.” One girl even posted a gold-plated necklace she made that spelled out Internet, and another posted a letterman jacket that has "Internet" in-scripted on the back. The overarching idea of “Dear Internet…” is to eventually make a collective zine with all the entries. I'm really looking forward to seeing what following the project and seeing the see. So rad! To check out more of “Dear Internet…,” and to submit to the project, click here.

Images courtesy of "Dear Internet..."

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