See Mystery Lights

The newly unpunctuated YACHT is just that--totally unpunctuated and breakin' all the rules in the electro-fied, stylistic hodgepodge of See Mystery Lights.

Remember quirky Jona Bechtolt and his semigoofy, always danceable Y.A.C.H.T. tracks? Yeah, forget about him. Now that YACHT has reformed sans punctuation and avec permanent member Claire Evans, things have gotten a little weird—just like the paranormal orbs after which See Mystery Lights is named. This mix of avant-pop, electro, and smooth southern spiritual is wickedly off-kilter, from the Kraftwerk-infused gospel of “The Afterlife” to the stuttering noise and sing-along chants of “It’s Boring/You Can Live Anywhere You Want.” Even the disco beats of “Summer Song” feel a little strange, like a record playing at the wrong speed. But don’t worry: even though the new YACHT is super science-fiction, the band still hangs on to that “let’s just have a totally awesome time” vibe. Every song is a dance party waiting to happen. It’ll just take place on, like, a UFO or something.

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