Second Chance for Michael Vick?

'Guilty' by artist Ian KimWe here at BUST love all creatures great and small. My own closest companions in the world are my two wonderful dogs, Ollie and Triskit. So when someone showed me that Michael Vick is being reinstated into the NFL 'on a conditional basis' I had to share my outrage. The commissioner of he NFL, Roger Goodell, as well as many experts believe that Vick has been rehabilitated and knows what he did was wrong.  Goodell even went as far to say 'this is a young man's life we are talking about', and everyone deserves a second chance (CNN).

Um...what? He's not a teenager. He was 26 when he was convicted of his crimes and is now 29.  Also, he contributed to the deaths of so many innocent dogs. Apparently the NFL is okay with that.  Commissioner Goodell has sympathy for this 'young man' who created a space specifically for dog fighting, dog abuse, gambling, drug dealing and other generally despicable behavior. This interstate operation had gone on for six years and the accounts of abuse, neglect, and execution of the dogs is horrifying. And so help me goddess, if I hear the phrase 'boys will be boys', I'm going to fly off the handle.

Illustration by Ian Kim.

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