Sculptor Robin Antar Is First Female to Show at POP International Galleries, NY

The world of pop art is a boy's club. Think Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, those 1960s superstars that catapulted the pop genre into the realm of fine art. Well look out, boys, there's a new girl in town.

Robin Antar, a Brooklyn-based sculptor, is not actually new on the scene; she's been active and exhibiting her work for over  20 years. This spring, Antar will become the first female artist to exhibit at New York's POP International Galleries. A staple of the downtown gallery scene, POP is a fun, focused experience that can now add increasingly female-friendly to its resume.

Antar's pieces featured in the gallery will be those most typical of her sculpture MO: she renders everyday objects, like boxing gloves and French's mustard, in true-to-size replicas, carved from stone. Stonework is a complicated medium, requiring time, strength, and finesse, but Antar's work reveals a true mastery of the craft. She calls her work "virtual records of contemporary culture" and her art conveys precision, power, and a winking humor.

Check out the video below in which Antar talks about how she found her medium. (She also wields a tiny jackhammer, which seems like fun)


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To see Antar's work in all of its three-dimensional glory, head over to POP International Galleries at 473 West Broadway in New York.


Image source nydailynews.com

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