Screen-print in London town with the lovely, and talented, Mr Wingate


I have a bit of a thing for the delectable Mr Wingate's screen-printed designs, so I'm super-psyched about this EXCLUSIVE print he has created for the Craftacular at the Camden Crawl. 

From his studio-cum-shop on Columbia Road, in London’s East End, Mr Wingate (aka Sam) creates designs inspired by London's landscape (think tower blocks and pubs) and prints them on T-shirts, cushions and, my favourites, aprons. I also love his owl-neck sweatshirt. 

Check out his designs at www.wingateprint.com. And meet the man behind the designs (and he is really lovely) and print one  onto a tote bag with your own fair hands this Sunday, MAY 2, at the Pirate Castle, Oval Road, Camden, London NW1 7EA. From midday to 6pm. 


Attendees require a ticket to the Camden Crawl. 








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