Scarlett Johansson's Shooting Her Way to a Ridiculously Huge Paycheck

Scarlett Johansson has officially entered the Hollywood big leagues. Although she’s won BAFTAs and been nominated for a number of Golden Globes in the past, it looks like 2012 is really Scarlett’s year. After starring in The Avengers, the third biggest box office hit ever, she’s set up for a huge payday.


Disney and Marvel studios are reportedly offering the 27 year-old actress $20 million to reprise her role as super-spy Black Widow for The Avengers 2. That’s the highest a woman has ever received for a film role; a title that was previously held by Angelina Jolie for The Tourist (with a $19 million paycheck). The Lost In Translation actress is joining Jolie, Kristen Stewart, and Cameron Diaz as one of the silver screen’s highest-earning ladies.

If you’d like to see Johansson before she dons the Black Widow costume again, you're in luck--she'll star in the sci-fi thriller Under The Skin and as Janet Leigh in Hitchcock (February 2013).

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