Say Whaaat?

A few days ago, a 50-year-old Taiwanese man was arrested for tricking over 20 women into having sex with him. Huh? Hsu Hsien-ming, a stock market analyst, duped women online by presenting himself as a 30-year-old man named Angor. Using photos of a young male model, Hsu told the women that he was the son of a Taiwanese father and French mother, and was desperately looking to marry a Taiwanese woman. The catch: you have to sleep with my dad. Hsu, as Angor, told the women that his father was dying of terminal prostate cancer, and that the only way to keep him alive was for him to have constant sex. What woman wouldn't want to sleep with their potential husband's father?? Ew. Over 20 women said OK to the deal, and jumped into bed with Hsu, assuming he was the terminally ill parent. Almost 100 others sent money in the hopes to snag Angor's affection. One woman gave him the equivalent of 5.4 million US dollars for a house, a car, a diamond watch, and stocks. She also gave him $3,000 a month for living expenses. Listen honey, if you have that much money to toss around, you don't need to try to buy yourself a husband! Get yourself an escort or do some traveling for Pete's sakes. According to the police, these women were not stupid, just lonely. I don't care how lonely I am, I'll go adopt three cats before I try to pay someone for their affection or sleep with their dad!

Image courtesy of Switched. Information via Yahoo! News

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