Save Your Panties with Ruby's Red Wash!

Accidents happen, but they don't have to send you underwear shopping after every cycle! Stop throwing out your panties and grab a bottle of Ruby's Red Wash. Ruby's Red Wash is an eco-friendly menstrual stain remover made of a mixture of live bacteria cultures. Why didn't anyone think of this sooner? (I miss you, panties.)

I used the wash on an old stain on my bedsheets, and it knocked it right out without hardcore scrubbing. And it turns out Ruby's Red Wash is great for cleaning any type of blood. Yesterday, I got a spontaneous nosebleed in the supermarket, and the wash removed all traces of blood on my t-shirt before I even got to the washing machine. The adorable packaging design and surprisingly pleasant scent are pluses, too. Neat-o.

To use, rinse your stain (new or old) thoroughly in cold water. Saturate with the wash itself, or fill a sink or shallow basin with a little water and throw in a capful of the wash. Allow the stained items to soak for 30 minutes or more; older stains may need to soak for longer. Use a soft brush to help loosen the fibers and dissolve the stain faster. When most of the stain has lifted, rinse clean in water or throw in the wash.

Get your own Ruby's Red Wash ($11.95 for 8 oz.) directly from their site!



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