Save Coney Island!


For several years, Coney Island, the home of rickety rides, Nathan's hot dogs, sideshow freaks, fireworks, games of chance, bathing beauties (and not-so-beauties) has been in danger. The city is planning on shrinking Coney's amusement district and blocking it off with four high-rise hotels. This week is the last week to act, so if you want to save this wonderful place, then rally up the troops and pick up the phone.

First, find your City Council member by plugging in your address on this site. Call their legislative office during the workday and tell them that you live in their district and feel very strongly that Coney Island should be preserved as is, that it is an important part of the city's culture and to move the hotels away from the amusement district. Or, go a step further and say that Coney Island should actually be expanded and refurbished. If you would like more ammo for your argument, check out Save Coney Island's site and direct your council member there as well. Only one call can make a difference. Together we can save Coney Island! -Celeste

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