Russian Anti-Feminist Documentary Reveals View of Women's Rights in Switzerland and Russia


In light of the recent verdict from a Moscow judge that put Russian feminist punk rock band, Pussy Riot, behind bars for two years, let’s take a look at the Russian media’s position on feminism. 

A documentary made by Russian TV follows anti-feminist groups in different countries, as they conspire to fight "the war against feminism".  The documentary focuses on Switzerland, where men from different social interest organizations, including the Anti-(extreme)Feminist Interest Group (IGAF), and the men's rights groups, Men’s Swiss Party and Mannschaft, gather to fight against “feminist dominance in Switzerland.”

The Russian narration goes on to explain how, “In the last decade, women got far too many rights, privileges, and bonuses, that according to anti-feminists, it is time to fight for equal men’s rights.”  Men’s equal rights?  I don’t recall reading about the oppression of the white man in history class.  I don't recall learning about the ways in which women dominate all economic, social and political positions of power.  Oh wait. That's a little something called patriarchy.  My bad.  

Rene Kuhn, founder of the Anti-(extreme)Feminist Interest Group, is also the author of the anti-feminist book Zuruck zur Frau (Back to Femininity), in which he focuses  on the feminist “problem” in Krasnodar, Russia, where, Kuhn explains, he argues that Russian women dress in ways too masculine for his liking. The narrator calls Kuhn “a real patriot.”

Here's Part 1 of the documentary that has surfaced on YouTube.


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