Runaways Premiere!

Last night I went to the star studded NYC premiere and party for the Runaways film, written and directed by the mad talented Floria Sigismondi. The audience was a hot pepper mix of rockers and celebs, who showed up to pay homage to all things Runaways, one of the most inspirational bands to rock chicks everywhere!

I met my pal Cristina at the sunshine theater, (after much worry about what the hell I would wear! –note, settled on the classic black dress w ubiquitous leather jacket, and a crazy necklace made by Tracie Howarth of Brooklyn Charm). We sat in front of the bubbly Bebe Buell and her husband,  (Das Damen front man) Jim Wallerstein, and munched on popcorn while watching the parade of stars take their seats.  Spotted: Dakota and Kristen, and of course the immortal looking Joan Jett, Cherie Currie, Debbie Harry and Miss Guy, Kathleen Hannah and Ad-Rock, the gorgeous Chloe Sevigny and the artist Rita Ackerman, Moby, Kristie Alley (!?) and lots of people that looked like somebody famous, plus hoards of models and club kids. The after party was equally as fabulous, where surprisingly hearty food and free flowing champagne were served while the Misshapes spun hits from the soundtrack to the movie, the Stooges and all manner of good glam rock. If you love the Runaways as much as I do, you’ll  have a great time seeing this movie and if you don’t know anything about the Runaways you should! Either way get your ass to the theater and watch some chicas rock it to ruin.

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