Rooney Mara's Red Carpet Style

Confession: I'm totally obsessed with Rooney Mara's red carpet style. Sure, I saw that Dragon Tattoo movie and it was good in that long, super intense kind of way, but what I'm really digging at the moment is all the sartorial press and red carpet appearances by Mara, who basically kills it every time. She somehow makes pretty and edgy work together flawlessly. 

NY Mag compared her to Audrey Hepburn and while many young, talented, dark haired actresses garner the comparison eventually, with Mara, I can actually see it. Hepburn was a quiet fashion rebel back in her day and although the Hepburn aesthetic is much more girly than Mara's high-fashion, sometimes minimalist goth look, they both share a love of simplicity and little black dresses. 

With awards season is in full swing, I'm excited to see what Mara pulls out for the Oscars!

Thanks  Tom and Lorenzo who have brought her fabulous red carpet looks to my attention!

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