Robert Crumb Gets Biblical

The provocateur of underground comics, Robert Crumb, has another book on the chopping block and this time it's all about Adam and Eve. Crumb lends his pen to the first biblical story - rife with signature work in The Book of Genesis Illustrated

Crumb rendered all fifty chapters of the book with precise and careful detail given to each panel. He made a career out of teetering on the fine line of controversy and proves that even the Bible doesn't stray from that sphere. It's a story about the beginning, a story about sex and discovery. Who is more perfect for the fluid illustrations and insight than Crumb?

As for the artist's personal take on religion, mull over these quotes from a Vanity Fair interview


  • Do you believe in divine intervention? Is there some kind of intelligent design to the universe? As a Gnostic, yeah, I would say there's a bigger design. Sometimes you have a split-second glimpses of it. For a second you catch the greater meaning, but then it’s lost.
  • So you think God reveals himself in the details? You’re not necessarily looking for a burning bush? Hey, if a burning bush started talking to me, I would fucking listen, dude. If that happened to me, I would listen as carefully as I could. 


For purchasing information, check out The Official Crumb Site.

 Images courtesy of LAist & The Guardian. 

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