Roaring Twenties Momiji Dolls Are Irresistibly Charming

I’ll admit it: I squeal at all things cute. With that said, you can probably imagine the sheer excitement I felt when I caught wind of these three fabulous new releases from Momiji.

So what exactly is a Momiji doll? Each fabulous resin creation is handpainted with tons of TLC. Turn one upside-down and you’ll find a pull-out card where you can write a personalized message to the doll’s recipient. Or keep it for yourself –it’s difficult not to get addicted (believe me, I know).

Designed by a keen-eyed 21-year-old named Katia De Conti, this trio was plucked right out of the Roaring Twenties. Well, not exactly, but they could’ve fooled me for a minute!

We know that as one of the most anticipated films of 2012, The Great Gatsby will inspire a host of products --we hear a Boots No 7 makeup line is already in the works. And Momiji’s fabulous blonde doll named Anny O does bear a resemblance to Carey Mulligan’s portrayal of the dashing Daisy Buchanan, sans the deceitfulness.

At $22.50 a pop, all three dolls are available for pre-order here. They’ll start shipping in the beginning of August, but if you’re intent on getting your hands on one, I’d encourage you to click on over now. These plastic glamour gals are part of a global limited edition collection and only 500 of each will be available for purchase.  

I feel a splurge coming on…

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