Bounce along with the glittery, vintage sound of Lights' groovy album, Rites.

On Lights’ newest effort, Rites, ’60s psychedelia thrives as the band awakens a bounce last heard in a ’70s roller disco and breezes straight into ’80s post-punk territory. The intertwining sugary lilts of the ladies in the group—Sophia Knapp and Linnea Vedder—twist unmistakably close to the gals of ABBA, combined with the unique squeal of Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Fraser (especially on the soothing track “We Belong”). Bassist Andy MacLeod gets in on the action with pulsing dance jam “Fire Night,” conquering a sultry Malcolm McLaren–esque rap. The group may be a throwback to the era of glitter and platforms, but Lights never forget their love for ’60s rock distortion (“Check Out Hold On”) and smooth twinkles of piano (“Nothing Left to Build”). Word has it their live sets are pretty trippy, too, where Lights are both heard and seen, care of the band’s fourth member, analog-light-show artist Wizard Smoke.

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