Review: Patty Griffin Live at Town Hall Theater


Last night at the Town Hall Theater in New York City the phenomenal Patty Griffin and her smokin' band brought down the house. Featuring songs from her latest release, the Gospel inspired Downtown Church, Patty and her five peace band tore it up on songs like `Wade In The Water', `The Strange Man' and Big Mama Thorton's `I Smell A Rat'.

Quieter numbers like the original composition `Little Fire' and the Gospel classic `Waiting For My Child To Come Home' and got the royal treatment with Patti's vocal expertise front and center. The band tossed a couple of older favorites to the adoring crowd like `Heavenly Day', `Mary', and `Love Throws A Line'.

Patty closed the night's encore with what has now become another one of her classic songs `Up To The Mountain'. Demonstrating no matter how many people cover it, no can put it out there quite like the fantabulous Ms.Griffin can.

This tour ain't over yet so if you're in New York tonight or any of the other places close to where Patty and her dudes might soon be playing, definitely come out for this one. It's way worth the road trip. Amen to that, brothas and sistas!

Review By Michael Levine

Photo credit: Kyra Kverno

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