Review: Handsome Furs | Sound Kapital


Montreal’s sexy husband/wife combo Handsome Furs, is keeping it in the family once more with their third album Sound Kapital (Sub Pop). Are you ready for this? Because I’m not sure that you are. Their music on this LP is a f* ton of electric sound. A digital mink, if you will. Alexei Perry jams out so hard on the keyboard while hubby Dan Boeckner co-fronts with his ensnaring vocals and wily guitar riffs. Some tracks have a lot going on at first and then suddenly turn deep and meaningful, such as with “What About Us” and “No Feelings.” My favorite track off this tight-ass record is “Memories of the Future,” a timeless ditty about moving forward, in which Boeckner sings, “I threw my hands to the sky / I let my memories go.” Some advice. If you get a chance to see them live, go. Do it. And rock out with your fur out. [Whitney Dwire]


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