Reproductive Rights Are Personal Rights: Fight the War on Women with This New Campaign



This Is Personal, a new social media campaign by The National Women’s Law Center, aims to educate and empower young women on keeping our reproductive rights intact and personal (since they clearly are a personal issue).




The campaign’s site provides helpful visual resources that clearly explain policies that jeopardize our reproductive rights, like a map highlighting states that require invasive ultrasounds before having an abortion. The site is laid out in a way that is super easy to read and use, with attention-grabbing facts and statistics (including the fact that 99% of sexually active women in America will use birth control in their lifetime).




There are also various petitions on the site that you can sign, including ‘Women’s Health Decisions are Personal’ and ‘Cover Maternity Care for All Women Now’ (currently only 12% of health plans that can be purchased through insurance companies offer coverage).  How bass-ackwards is it that some lawmakers want to force us to keep an unwanted pregnancy, but the majority of insurance companies aren’t required to cover maternity care?!



There’s also comedy, with videos like the one below that questions what the mothers of these lawmakers who want to take away women’s rights think about all of this; or this one, based on a new law in Arizona that makes it easier for your boss to fire you for using birth control (you just cannot make this shit up).  

This Is Personal aims to be a collaborative site, with women sharing stories of their own in which their reproductive rights were threatened or taken away.  You can share your own story or thoughts here

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