Rebel Grrrl, get to the library post-haste!


Have you ever had a dream where Kathleen Hanna asks you to house-sit for her, and the minute you know the coast is clear, you seek out her private diaries and personal letters, make a heap of it all on the floor and jump into it, as you would a pile of leaves? No? Um, me neither. But if you ever wanted to do something similar, you should head to the NYU library and check out the donation of old zines, and other such writings that she's added to their Riot Grrrl Collection. Let's hope that this collection inspires ladies to stop blogging (even though I'm doing it right now) and get into the habit of putting ink to paper again. I mean, a print out of Gchats in a university archive just wouldn't have the same feel, you know? 

To read more about this, go to feministing 

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