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Both The Duke Spirit and Henry Rollins have been in BUST before and our heart for them will go on. I got to hang with these guys last time they were in the states on tour and they were an absolute pleasure. I kind of got myself a little crush on Luke. He is the one in the black peacoat. Pretty hot, huh.


If you haven’t heard their guest song “Mayday” on UNKLE’S debut album War Stories you are totally missing out. Check out the live performance of their song “Lasso” from their sophomore album tonight on Rollins’ show at 11 on IFC. Then get your self away from the tv and infront of the computer. Check out the other performance of “The Step And The Walk” as well as the IFC interview on the IFC site.  Then grab yourself a 40 and crank things up into totally insanity with “Trapped In the Closet”! All the new chapters are up! I have been hooked on this madness since chapter 1. Can’t wait for the next set of installments. Until then Double Up will keep me busy. I don’t know how anything can make me laugh the way “Real Talk” can.





Oh, and once you get totally hooked on The Duke Spirit sport your love with The Duke Spirit feather necklace from Tatty Devine. When will the Tatty ladies make me a Kel's necklace? I know I just melted your faces with all that goodness. Enjoy!

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