Rad New Band: Bleached


When noise/punk band Mika Miko split up, telephone-microphone hybrid fans were left heartbroken across the sprawl of greater Los Angeles (and beyond). Mika Miko were known for raising hell in DIY settings and venues, especially at downtown L.A.'s The Smell, where they played their final show in January 2010.

Today, however, I am thrilled to inform everyone of Mika Miko's resurrection of sorts. No, the band is not back together. But the group's sister duo, Jessica and Jennifer Clavin, just released a single from their new project, Bleached. Bleached is a little less punk, a little more pop than Mika Miko, but it has somehow maintained the raw edge of the sister's former band with the addition of some very much appreciated sunniness that Mika, at times, lacked.

Their "Carter" single is composed of two catchy and on-par tracks, "Think of You" and "You Take Time." Grab a copy for yourself digitally through iTunes, or even better-- nab that shit in the form of a vinyl 7" through ART FAG recordings.

Hark! Rejoice! Bouncy, sunny, summer pop/punk jams written by ladies, for tha ladiez.


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