The Power of Madonna" Indeed

If you didn’t catch Glee (or aren’t a fan, somehow) last night, you missed an awesome episode. And I say that as an admitted flip-flopping fan of the FOX show. Something about the Material Girl’s spirit really translated in the show, making for a female-empowering hour of song and dance. It managed to, in its fun way, touch on some serious societal issues, including the way (high school aged) men treat women.

One of my favorite things about the show as a whole is the way that, in our society that revolves around small, entertaining, easy-to-digest media, they’ve managed to frame some serious social critique with catchy music and witty banter. This episode continues that pattern, encouraging the audience to consider how they treat the women in their lives.

Unfortunately, I can’t say too much without spoiling the episode, so you should check it out here on Hulu.

Also, if nothing else, the episode is totally worth it to see Jane Lynch singing “Vogue.”



Image courtesy of Fox via Hollywood Life

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