put yo hood up..


Hooray! i'm super stoked to announce that i will be teaching a sewing class at Make Workshop on May 8th and 15th. Remember the hoodie project we featured in BUST in our Oct/Nov issue? Maybe you attempted it and failed miserably (hey, it happens to everyone) and could use some one on one guidance or mabes you were just named miss hoodie-maker extroidinaire, and just want to perfect your craft and learn alternate modifications to the standard hooded sweatshirt or maybe you've never threaded a sewing machine in your life and are terrified of trying it solo. Whatever the case may be, come hang out with me and craft up your own fly hoodie in my 2 (2 hour) classes and walk away with a new rag to rock, plus the pattern to keep on pumpin' 'em out, and all the street cred you can wish for. Get the deets here and sign up today! See all you budding craftanista's there!

P.s. Guys are totally welcome! Mods will be provided for boy sizes. 

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