Purrrfect: The Original Cat Woman Is Writing A Book



Julie Newmar will forever be known as Catwoman - a sultry villian on the campy 1960s Batman tv show. Like another version of Emma Peel,  Catwoman was swathed in black leather bodysuits with a luscious mane of hair. Not to mention, the cat ears. 


She purred, she plotted, and she was the bad chick. Meow.


It's no surprise Ms. Newmar attained cult status with this role and stroked a few young minds as a result. As one thing naturally leads to another - Ms. Newmar is working on a book of first fantasies, on julienewmarwrites.com (and feel free to send along your own submission). 


Did your first fantasy involve a slinky, feline fatale? Maybe so, maybe no. Whatever the little dizzy spell put you over, could make its way to Julie Newmar's new textual escape. (NY Times)


Image courtesy of The Wiretap Network.


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