Punctuation Jewelry for Nerd Goddesses

Why is it that we belittle those interested in learning by calling them “nerds?" I personally don't believe there is such a thing as a guilty pleasure (unless you’re a serial killer or something), but being interested in books or science or math definitely shouldn’t be considered a “guilty” pleasure. If you like something, why not celebrate that interest?

Making pi jokes may have been taboo in high school, but Debbie Barr, a Mormon college student with a penchant for playing video games and reading, takes inspiration from her so-called “nerdy” roots for a new jewelry line, entitled Nerd Goddess. Her earrings are made from polymer clay in the color of your choice and are shaped to look like symbols you’d find on a computer keyboard: question marks, commas, and yes, even the pi sign. To check out more of the Nerd Goddess on Etsy click here.

Images courtesy of Debbie Barr from the Nerd Goddess on Etsy

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