Judy Greer, Professional Quirky Co-Star, Is Writing a Book

There some excellent reading to look forward to in 2014! Arrested Development's Judy Greer is writing a book. Now, you might be thinking "I know that name, and I know that face..." You may also know her from Two and a Half Men or 27 Dresses. Yeah, her, the funny one. The book, aptly titled I Don't Know What You Know Me From: Confessions of a Co-Star, will be a collections of essays telling stories from her childhood to her life as an actress. With essays such as  "Celebrities I've Peed Next To" and "Bad Oscar", the book sounds like it will be a must-read (along with Amy Poehler's book scheduled to be released that same year.)

But if you can't wait for the book, Judy has a bunch of  exciting stuff coming up. She'll be in the new season of Arrested Development, continuing her voice work on Archer and hosting on Reluctantly Healthy, a Yahoo! web series.

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