President Obama Wedges His Way Even Further Into My Heart

As conservative politicians continue to litter the world with disgusting and offensive sound bites about women, it's a relief to finally hear someone talk some sense. And an even bigger relief when that person is the President.

Speaking about women and the economy this morning, President Obama reiterated the should-be-totally-obvious fact that women are actual individuals! He stated, "There’s been a lot of talk about women and women’s issues lately, as there should be. But I do think that the conversation has been oversimplified. Women are not some monolithic bloc. Women are not an interest group. You shouldn’t be treated that way"

Of course, in a perfect world, no one would even have to clarify these things. But I'm still swooning a little bit. His measured, logical statement is just the antidote to the screeching and sensationalism we keep hearing.

According to the AP, Obama already has an unsurprising lead over Mitt Romney with female voters. So yes, this is an opportunity for him to gain even more traction with women.  Still, it is such a relief to hear someone remind us that while many want to strip women of affordable access to contraception or treat them like livestock, others still have their heads on straight.

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News: New York Times and Associated Press

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