Pop Culture-Inspired Nail Art

It’s always a grand ol’ time drooling over pretty nail art pictures scattered across the wonderful World Wide Web, even if you and your shaky hands have no intention of duplicating the designs. Nail art fanatics, cue the hallelujah chorus now, because the folks over at theBERRY have compiled a gallery of pop culture-inspired nail art done by personal bloggers and/or fellow fanatics from every corner of the internet. Cute and quirky as opposed to a typical manicure? Of course. Functional, like a typical manicure? Not entirely. I can’t imagine trying to pick a quarter up from the floor with an acrylic mermaid tail protruding from my ring finger. Still, you can’t help but to gawk at the creativity and ponder how many attempts were made to produce these marvelous manicures. Take a look-see for yourself, below, and view the full gallery here.

Images courtesy of theBERRY

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